Corporate Social Responsibility

At NK, we not just understand and hold expertise in our trade but also keep our eyes and ears open to surroundings. By branching our profits towards the betterment of mankind, we strive to serve and cater to the society and try our best to take it to another level altogether.

Whether it’s a donation towards a charity or a contribution towards havocs, we consider it as our responsibility to bridge the gaps and nurture the society by the available means.

Our 100% ecofriendly moves helps us to preserve the nature and beauty within which we breathe everyday. From our boxes to our bins and from our trucks to our supplies- being ecofriendly remains our top concern. With our recyclable materials and belongings, we achieve and march towards a sustainable ecosystem every single day.

We don’t just move houses, we create memories along. We lead by setting high standards and set them even higher once conquered. Our secret lies in our ‘Never Settle’ attitude and that becomes our driving force. Even with years of experience, we still take every move as a challenge and learn something new out of every relocation.

Our experienced drivers and movers play an essential part in building a relationship of harmony and trust. They being our torch-bearers, help us to achieve success in-homes and on roads, leaving such fine impressions behind that NK will be the only name you will think of at the time of your next move or even for a recommendation to a dear one.

Don’t settle for less when you deserve the best.